On this Day – 30 June

148 years ago, my Great Grandfather Herbert Henry Legge was born

My first certificate and a mystery to solve at the start my research.

After finding out Herbert Henry had been born in Canterbury from the 1901 census, I found his birth under the name Legge without any problems in the old BMD registers so was surprised to find his mother had registered him in her maiden name and not provided a first name for his father.

Herbert Henry Legge Canterbury 2a 706

Had I hit a brick wall before I had barely started?

Fortunately not. The church of the Latter Day Saints had just released an on line 1881 census search (the first to be digitised) where I was able to find Herbert Henry living with his mother Charlotte, sister Susannah born 1876 and father Alfred Legge.

Another search of the BMD registers and I found Charlotte marrying Alfred three years after the birth of their son in 1875.

So where was Alfred when his son was born and why did he wait three years before he married Charlotte?

Well it took me a while to find out anymore so I will save those discoveries for a future post!

Thanks for reading.

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